Using horses within therapy
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The Course

Long reining, leading, developing trust and working with ruby the rider.

We will be running two consecutive weekends training the Caspian horse from untouched to rideable.

Learn about the nature of the Caspian horses, and why in ancient times the Hittites used them as chariot horses.

Handle them from the start and learn the techniques of old fashioned horsemanship long reining and breaking to carriage.

Course Dates

February 24th and 25th 2018

March 24th and 25th 2018


£100 for each weekend. Bookable in advance. see terms and conditions below.

How to book

Use the booking form below or on the right and send us an enquiry with your preferred dates.

About Caroline Baldock

Caroline's was a professional flat jockey and has collaboration with Monty Roberts and many other professional horse people over the years. She will explain the values of long reining and the use of voice commands. Visit:

Caroline has spent years riding racehorses and has also ridden in most disciplines. She was literary assistant to Monty Roberts, putting together 3 books for him. The influences in her life are many, but she does not align herself to any one specific method. She calls what she does 'common sense horsemanship'.

Caroline believes
'Horses were not put into the world to serve mankind, but that is what they have done. They are not here as stepping-stones for war, or sport or pleasure. They are equals in the journey through life, not to be exploited. We need to understand that they have great intelligence and they can think for themselves and learn at great speed. Many of the horses I deal with have been taught to behave dangerously. I offer to you the possibility of learning how sensitive and intelligent horses are and to get the best out of your horse by giving it time to think and by being gentle.'

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Key Benefits of the Equine Assisted Learning

Equine-assisted exercises are designed to elicit metaphors and self-awareness.

Helps you identify and challenge any negative thinking patterns and behaviour which may be causing you difficulties
  Helps you recognise your own behaviors and patterns and create your own solutions
  Develop more helpful responses to difficult feelings and events
  Stop the cycle of negative thinking